Paul Taylor

[ NIKKO NATIONAL PARK Bike & Hike Tour ]

Ride Experience organise hiking, cycling and cultural experiences into the depths of Japan. Of course, you visit all the iconic places in Japan. But not only that, you get to see all those hidden away places only the Japanese would know about it.
I was lucky enough to join Mr Tetsuya Yamamoto on one of his Ride Experience tours into the depths of the Japanese countryside, taking in one of the most famous national parks in Japan together with some iconic cultural experiences along the way.
Each day was meticulously thought out, planned and put together – and the combination of cycling, hiking and cultural visits worked perfectly. Add to that a wonderful bunch of people and you have a magical and unforgettable tour!

(Check here for the whole report of the tour by Paul.)

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[5 days 4 nights]
A perfect combination of Cycling, Hiking and Cultural experiences into the depths of Japanese countryside. Cycle traverse the Nikko National Park from Nasu to Nikko and enjoy the various beautiful sceneries of highlands, rivers, forests and rice fields with unique cultural visits. And you will experience unique volcanic landscape, spectacular views from the summit and colorful Autumn colors in hiking.