Q. Can I use my credit card to pay for the tour?
A. No. We are afraid that we currently accept only bank transfers prior to the tour. Please transfer the specified amount of deposit or the total tour fee to the specified bank account by the deadline set for each tour.
Q. Do you accept non-Japanese currencies?
A. No. We accept only Japanese yen for all tours.
Q. Can I charter a bike tour for my group or family?
A. Yes. We can arrange a chartered Epic Tour for a group of 6 or more or a chartered Relaxed Tour for a group of 2 or more at a separate date.
Q. I am a vegetarian. Will it be a problem?
A. If your tour includes lunch and/or dinner and if you have some dietary restrictions, please provide us details when you sign up for the tour at least a week prior to the deadline. We will cater to your requests as much as possible. Some hotels/inns or restaurants may not be able to perfectly accommodate your requests, but past tour participants who were vegetarians or had food allergies were satisfied with the food.
Q. Can I rent an e-bike?
A. Yes. You can rent one of the latest high-spec e-hybrid or e-road bikes. Other options for additional fees include carbon road bikes, adventure road bikes (Cannondale SLATE), and hybrid bikes. The rental fee includes a helmet.
Note that tour fees for all One Day Tours include a rental fee of a bike that best suits the tour.
Q. Can I sign up solo for an Epic Tour or Relaxed Tour?
A. Yes. Except for some cases, two riders share a room (or three at some special, long-established ryokans). If you want a room to yourself, you must pay a single supplement. Note that the tour may be cancelled if the tour does not reach the required minimum size.
Q. Can children under 15 years old join a tour?
A. Children can also enjoy a bike tour if: you sign up for a Custom Tour to charter a tour for your family or group, plan a tour that matches the children’s biking skills and your requests; and guardians accompany the children. Please note however that we only have a limited number and size of rental bikes that children can ride.