TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2018

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The Tohoku region, comprised of six prefectures located in the northernmost part of Japan’s main island ‘Honshu’ , is known for its gorgeous natural environment, rich local history, and delicious agricultural produce.

Experience a more traditional side of Japan, and follow in the footsteps of famous Japanese poet Matsuo Basho and his journey along ‘the narrow road to the deep north’

Report of 2017 Tour


Nature, including breathtaking views of the Ōu Mountains

Relax and refresh in some of Japan’s top
hot springs

Traditional food made using fresh local ingredients

Rich local history that served as a base for modern Japan

While they may seem shy at first, some of
the friendliest people you will ever meet

At a glance

Date: August 31 – September 9, 2018
Duration: 10 days/ 9 nights
Cycling distance: 1,000km (Full Expert Course)
Elevation gain: 11,000m (Full Expert Course)
Tour meets: Aug. 31, 2018 (@Nasu, Tochigi)
Tour ends: Sep 9 2017 (@Oma, Aomori)
Rest day: Half Day Rest in Kakunodate on the Day7 (Sep. 6)
Group size: 8 – 20 riders
A) Full Expert Course (cycle 120–130km/day)
B) Half Moderate Course (cycle 50–70km/day)

More Information

What else we provide?

Full Support Provided

The tour is funded by the Fukushima Prefectural Government in cooperation with other Tohoku Regional Governments and provides the following support:


Nine accommodations between Nasu (180km north of Tokyo, the entrance to Tohoku) and the Shimokita Peninsula (northernmost point of Honshu) have been carefully selected, including spectacular traditional Japanese Inns(ryokan) the Tohoku region has to offer. Enjoy relaxing in some of Japan’s top hot springs and refresh for the next day’s ride.

Two Courses in One Itinerary

Two courses are available depending on rider’s fitness levels and skill sets.

A) Full Expert Course (Self-guided): average distance 120 – 130km/day

B) Half Moderate Course (Guided): average distance 50 – 70km/day

Both courses follow the same itinerary and stay at the same hotels.
In the Full Expert Course, riders follow GPS navigation at their own pace without any guide rider. Our support & control van moves between riders and corresponds their requests and troubles.
In the Half Moderate Course, our guide leads all riders together and always cycles along side them with close attention. Our support van follows riders and shuttle them up the steep hills.
Now, couples or groups including riders on different levels can enjoy this epic ride experience together.


Support vehicles will be available throughout the entire tour. No need to carry your luggage on your bicycle during the challenge – it will travel in a support vehicle between hotels. You will also be provided with GPS devices, maps and GPS tracking smartphone application for checking rider’s real time position. Bike hire is available at a rate of US$150 (Hybrid Bikes) or US$200 (Road Bikes) for all days of this tour.

Flexible Pace & Beautiful Route

[Only for Full Expert Course]
No need to follow any guides. Follow the GPS info along the recommended routes at YOUR OWN PACE . (You don’t have to wait slower riders and no need to worry about faster riders.) Small guide signs willb be provided at clitical points and half checkpoints will be set at lunch break locations. Recommended routes feature gorgeous scenery, and with minimum traffic make for an easy ride.


Day1 Aug. 31:
Meet at a hotel in Nasu, Tochigi. Arrange bike rentals, briefing, ice breaking
(Overnight stay・No meals provided)
Day2 Sep. 1:
- Stage 1- Nasu to Aizu Higashiyama Onsen <97km, 1,670mUP>
Travel the Nasu Highlands while enjoying stunning views of the Nasu mountain range and enter Fukushima Prefecture for the first hill climb of the tour. Bike beside Lake Hatori and journey the peaceful forest road, traveling along the edge of Lake Inawashiro to Aizu Higashiyama Onsen.
(Overnight stay・Dinner provided)
Day3 Sep. 2:
-Stage 2- Aizu Higashiyama Onsen to Iizaka Onsen <101km, 1,660mUP>
After visiting Tsurugajo Castle, the symbol of Aizu, cycle past the base of Mt. Bandai and the majestic Goshikinuma. Journey up hill and take in the breathtaking panoramic views of Jododaira. After a long downhill ride pass through a group of fruit orchards and arrive at Iizaka Onsen.
(Overnight stay・Dinner provided)
Day4 Sep. 3:
-Stage 3- Iizaka Onsen to Ginzan Onsen <136km, 1,680mUP>
Travel from Iizaka Onsen along the winding mountain roads and climb the panoramic Hatomine Pass heading for Yamagata Prefecture. Race the Yamagata Shinkansen(Bullet Train) to the north and pass through Yamagata City and Tendo City. Visit beautiful “Yamadera” (Mountain Temple) covered with mossy rocks and steep steps. arriving at the nostalgic wooden Japanese inns that line Ginzan Onsen.
(Overnight stay・Dinner provided)
Day5 Sep. 4:
-Stage 4- Ginzan Onsen to Sakata <120km, 1,200mUP>
Enjoy a downhill ride from Ginzan Onsen along the Mogami River towards the sea of Japan where a lovely view of Mt. Chokai awaits. On the way, Stop by Tamasudare Waterfalls. Cycle on the comfortable farm roads in the center of vast flat rice fields of Shonai Plain to Sakata, a port city of merchants with long history.
(Overnight stay・Dinner provided)
Day6 Sep. 5:
-Stage 5- Sakata to Kakunodate <135km, 1,030mUP>
The most “FLAT” day in this tour. Cycle 65km north alongside the Sea of Japan to Akita Prefecture. After leaving coast line, enter a belt of land known for rice cultivation and enjoy the peaceful scenery full of rice paddies while riding along a flat course to Kakunodate, a former castle town famous for well-preserved samurai houses and its district.
(Overnight stay・Dinner provided)
Day7 Sep. 6:
-Stage 6- Kakunodate to Nyuto Onsen <45km, 900mUP>
REST HALF DAY until lunch time. You can freely stroll samurai town of Kakunodate. Start cycling afternoon heading to Lake Tazawa and make a half lap of the Lake, the deepest lake in Japan. Climb a steep hill and arrive at one of Japan’s top hidden hot springs, Nyuto Onsen.
(Overnight stay・Dinner provided)
Day8 Sep 7:
-Stage 7- Nyuto Onsen to Oirase Creek <147km, 1,630mUP>
After heading downhill from Nyuto Onsen, cross the mountain pass alongside Hachimantai and make the climb to Lake Towada. Travel the lakeside to Aomori Prefecture and along the picturesque Oirase mountain streams ending the day`s ride in Oirase.
(Overnight stay・Dinner provided)
Day9 Sep. 8:
-Stage 8- Oirase Creek to Cape Oma <169km, 1,310mUP>
Enjoy a pleasant ride along a wide area of flat farm roads to the beginning of the Shimokita Peninsula. Travel north alongside Mutsu Bay and even further along the northern coastline of the peninsula, reaching Cape Oma, the northernmost point of Japan’s main island. And finally, goal!
(Overnight stay・Dinner provided)
Day10 Sep. 9:
Break up the tour at hotel in Cape Oma.
Total Distance: Around 1000km
We reccommend you to move to Hakodate (Hokkaido) by ferry and back to Tokyo by airplane from Hakodate Airport.

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