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Epic Tours

Join our cycling tours that offer dynamic road trips, biking from one town to another, for 5+ days. Each tour is planned under an interesting theme. You will be biking less traveled areas and roads in various parts of Japan. You are sure to rediscover the heart of Japan in an epic ride experience. Of course, all tours are guided and under full support.

Epic Tours

Relaxed Tours

They are guided and fully supported tours designed to enjoy biking in areas around hotels and ryokan (inns) while indulging yourself with relaxing stays at luxurious resort hotels or onsen ryokans (Japanese style hot-spring inns). Suitable for family trips and people who love to enjoy cultural experiences more. Slower riding speed with shorter (30 – 60km) daily distance.

Relaxed Tours

Self-Guided Tours

In these easy-to-get-going tours, you will rent a bike and a GPS navigation device with preinstalled recommended routes and enjoy riding while following the navigation. There will be no guide or support. You will be free from the hassle of riding in an unknown area while constantly checking a map in one hand. You can now bike like a local while savoring the air and landscape of the area.
These tours are recommended for those who want to enjoy biking the Japanese countryside at their own pace or those who can handle bike trouble.
Solo riders are welcome.
The tour route or length can be adjusted to the season, time, or your requests and biking skills.

Self-Guided Tours

One Day Tours

These are half-day to one-day guided cycling activities in Nasu that anyone can join. If it’s your first time to ride a sports bike, don’t worry. Our guide will teach you how to maneuver it. On the calendar select a date when a tour is on and sign up for it at least two days in advance.

One Day Tours

Custom Tours

We will prepare a special, chartered bike tour for your group by arranging the theme, area, schedule, route, and riding distance to your preferences.

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Reviews from Our Guests

Paul Taylor

[ NIKKO NATIONAL PARK Bike & Hike Tour ]

Ride Experience organise hiking, cycling and cultural experiences into the depths of Japan. Of course, you visit all the iconic places in Japan. But not only that, you get to see all those hidden away places only the Japanese would know about it.
I was lucky enough to join Mr Tetsuya Yamamoto on one of his Ride Experience tours into the depths of the Japanese countryside, taking in one of the most famous national parks in Japan together with some iconic cultural experiences along the way.
Each day was meticulously thought out, planned and put together – and the combination of cycling, hiking and cultural visits worked perfectly. Add to that a wonderful bunch of people and you have a magical and unforgettable tour!

(Check here for the whole report of the tour by Paul.)

Ben Watson

[ NIKKO NATIONAL PARK Bike & Hike Tour ]

We’d lived in Japan for over 5 years and, between us, cycled tens of thousands of kilometres across the country. Still, this trip had been something special. Tetsuya-san had shown us deep Japan. The sites, inns, nature and cycling routes you’d never find alone. We’d been treated to the finest Japanese cuisine and the most welcoming Japanese hospitality.

For me, the trip had begun as the kick I needed to get cycling again. But it was so much more than a bike ride. It was a gastronomical cultural journey through nature.

What a ride. What an experience!

(Check here for the whole report of the tour by Ben.)

Barbara Kuhn

[ NIKKO NATIONAL PARK Bike & Hike Tour ]

A glimpse into traditional Japan while riding and hiking over backstreets through the rice fields and hills of Japan’s countryside. With stunning accommodation and food selections throughout the whole week, a perfect combination of cycling, hiking and cultural visits under the fall colors of October!

Every day was like no other, allowing us to experience Japan and it’s culture by exploring the outdoors; cycling, hiking and stopping for cultural highlights. The route was thoroughly planned and put together by Yamamoto-san and worked out perfectly even with some adjustments made due to two days of rain.

I can heartily recommend this tour to every bike enthusiast.

(Check here for the whole report of the tour by Barbara.)

Bradley Bennett

[ NIKKO NATIONAL PARK Bike & Hike Tour ]

This tour was an amazing combination of local culture, scenic cycling and seasonal hiking. It can be a challenge to organize a group experience that suits individual expectations. Personally, I don’t like to stop often when cycling although when Yamamotosan directed us to a hillside Zen temple with a 1,000 year history or we were following a local Miso merchant through his personal storehouse or visiting local pottery studios with tours from the Sensei and master I was reminded how good it feels to take the pace a bit slower.

(Click here (PDF file) for the whole report of the tour by Brad.)


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