Barbara Kuhn

[ NIKKO NATIONAL PARK Bike & Hike Tour ]

A glimpse into traditional Japan while riding and hiking over backstreets through the rice fields and hills of Japan’s countryside. With stunning accommodation and food selections throughout the whole week, a perfect combination of cycling, hiking and cultural visits under the fall colors of October!

Every day was like no other, allowing us to experience Japan and it’s culture by exploring the outdoors; cycling, hiking and stopping for cultural highlights. The route was thoroughly planned and put together by Yamamoto-san and worked out perfectly even with some adjustments made due to two days of rain.

I can heartily recommend this tour to every bike enthusiast.

(Check here for the whole report of the tour by Barbara.)

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[5 days 4 nights]
A perfect combination of Cycling, Hiking and Cultural experiences into the depths of Japanese countryside. Cycle traverse the Nikko National Park from Nasu to Nikko and enjoy the various beautiful sceneries of highlands, rivers, forests and rice fields with unique cultural visits. And you will experience unique volcanic landscape, spectacular views from the summit and colorful Autumn colors in hiking.