Roger Jenkins

[ KUMANO KODO Pilgrimage Bike & Hike]

Your team worked with us to make all problems disappear with an efficient and very positive attitude to all of our small problems. The food I experienced over the trip was wonderful. The presentation and range of flavours gave me a most enjoyable view of Japanese cuisine. The Onsen experience was new for me and it was most enjoyable to see this aspect of Japanese lifestyle. The Onsen in the caves, with a wild ocean breaking onto the walls of the Onsen was breathtaking, the contrast between the warmth of the Onsen and the wild ocean will be an experience that I will cherish. Finally, the range of rides was amazing. I particularly note the return ride along the river to Shingu. This was a wonderful ride along a most picturesque small quiet road, and experience that will be one of my most enduring memories of the trip.

Roger Jenkins

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KUMANO KODO Pilgrimage Bike & Hike

[7 days 6 nights]
In this tour, you will be biking and hiking on Japan's oldest ancient pilgrimage roads called "Kumano Kodo", in the south of Wakayama. Visit the Three Grand Shrines of Kumano, and will find yourself completely immersed in the beautiful nature of spectacular mountain ranges, massive and strange rocks, clear streams of water, and magnificent waterfalls.