Bradley Bennett

[ NIKKO NATIONAL PARK Bike & Hike Tour ]

This tour was an amazing combination of local culture, scenic cycling and seasonal hiking. It can be a challenge to organize a group experience that suits individual expectations. Personally, I don’t like to stop often when cycling although when Yamamotosan directed us to a hillside Zen temple with a 1,000 year history or we were following a local Miso merchant through his personal storehouse or visiting local pottery studios with tours from the Sensei and master I was reminded how good it feels to take the pace a bit slower.

(Click here (PDF file) for the whole report of the tour by Brad.)

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[5 days 4 nights]
A perfect combination of Cycling, Hiking and Cultural experiences into the depths of Japanese countryside. Cycle traverse the Nikko National Park from Nasu to Nikko and enjoy the various beautiful sceneries of highlands, rivers, forests and rice fields with unique cultural visits. And you will experience unique volcanic landscape, spectacular views from the summit and colorful Autumn colors in hiking.